What is w55c.net?

w55c.net is a domain used by dataxu when directed by a customer, to place cookies on the computers of visitors to our customer’s websites and those who view advertisements. The domain w55c.net will NOT install any software on your computer or mobile device.

If at any time the visitor does not wish to allow his/her session visitation information to be aggregated and analyzed by dataxu, he/she may utilize our opt-out mechanism, which can be accessed from these locations:

Opting out of w55c.net cookies requires the placement of an out-out cookie in your browser. w55c.net cookies can also be cleared using through your web browser’s cookie clearing function, however you may need to reapply the opt-out if you want dataxu to continue to honor your opt-out preference. The privacy policies of the websites you visit describe the collection and use of information on those websites. All mentions of w55c.net also applies to the following domains of w55c.net, which may include: cdn.w55c.net, tags.w55c.net, cti.w55c.net, cts.w55c.net, ads.w55c.net, and i.w55c.net.

For more information about dataxu and our privacy practices, please view our Privacy Policies.